Home Furniture System

The company’s office furniture line of products is a veritable treasure trove of exquisite designs and masterful craftsmanship.  Reiterating the company’s dedication to design excellence, Klass Masyhur Sdn Bhd adopts a simplistic, symmetrical and balanced approach to the creation of home furniture.
Furthermore, the company holds the firm belief that the home should be designed to provide intelligent and functional space with which the furniture can blend to provide a total solution of harmony and quiet elegance.
In keeping with our furnishing philosophy, all home furniture products are resigned and manufactured to offer an unparalleled number of options to fit perfectly in any existing room no matter how large of small.
As with the company’s office furniture systems, all the company home furniture are manufactured with only the highest quality materials, thus, creating a result renowned for its exquisite finishes and a fine blending of tradition and functionality.
a unique curve shape backrest provides optimal support for the lumbar no matter how you position yourself on the chair. The backrest activates and provides a healthy, upright posture in a new and innovative way.