Office Furniture System

All of Klass Masyhur Sdn Bhd office furniture systems are designed for modularity and high flexibility in cleaner and more will-defined lines.  This is the key to our innovativeness.  Through our creative design approach, the company’s furniture features space-efficient and cost-saving characteristics.  Furthermore, its ergonomic design takes into account all the appropriate requirements for user-friendliness, while a full range of accessories ensures greater functionality and versatility.

Klass Masyhur values the results of high ideal as much as the results of the company’s research and development efforts.  All products are manufactured to the highest international standard.  Through these methods, the result is ranges of system furniture that can be assemble in such a manner and quality of finish that will satisfy even the higher echelons of corporate Malaysia.  
Configurations can be easily installed for total privacy or complete openness, depending on the requirements outlined by the client.  Options and accessories are aesthetically added to incorporate meeting and discussions areas.  In addition, this flexibility can be applied to accommodate other corporate functions.
Klass Masyhur greatest Strength, perhaps, lies in the interchangeability of its modular components.  This imparts an extremely flexible line of a multiple stations, each of which can be further configure to accommodate different level of staff within the same station.  Creative design methods have resulted in the use of less material, thus saving space while lowering costs.  Meanwhile, the ergonomic design is immediately brought to attention and appreciated by any human user.
Klass Masyhur maintains a competitive edge over other furniture manufacturers through its innovative design flexibility, as well as the range of accessories and options available for its line of system furniture.  The company prides itself on the fact that solutions can be applied effectively to the needs of all businesses and corporations, big or small.
a unique curve shape backrest provides optimal support for the lumbar no matter how you position yourself on the chair. The backrest activates and provides a healthy, upright posture in a new and innovative way.